Spring 2015 Wk 4: Bones

It’s official – bones are the coolest part of the body!   This week we learned all about human osteology, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, human evolution, and grave goods (whew!).  It was a lot of ground to cover, but for Alex and Ani, this is their playground! The students had a lot of interest and ask … Continue reading Spring 2015 Wk 4: Bones

Spr ’15 Wk 3: Dating

Dating….no, it’s not a lonely-hearts club for archaeologists!  This week we covered how archaeologists date sites and artifacts.  From the use of stratigraphy and superimposition to provide relative dating, to C-14 and other techniques to assign more specific dates, we covered the basics of “pre-historic” and “historic” as it pertains to the artifacts of the … Continue reading Spr ’15 Wk 3: Dating

Spr ’15 Wk 2: Material Culture

This week we covered an introduction to material culture as well as an overview of the Whispering Woods artifacts, what students are likely to find, and how to label and document artifacts. To start off with material culture, students were asked to bring in 5 objects from home that they thought represented their “story”, i.e. … Continue reading Spr ’15 Wk 2: Material Culture

Spr ’15 Wk 1: First Class

Whispering Wood is back for the Spring semester 2015!  We had ten students attend class and there’s still a week to snag a few more.  Through introductions we learned that most of our student, at some point, wanted to be archaeologists.  Well, now they can live the dream – for credit. We covered the syllabus, … Continue reading Spr ’15 Wk 1: First Class