Week Four – Road trip!

This week we were visited by the “Road Trip” Raptor!  He stopped by to learn more about the class and to speak to some of our students. Otherwise, this week we wrapped up Site 7.  We found a couple of glass and ceramic fragments as well as a few possible stone flakes.  In all, none … Continue reading Week Four – Road trip!

Week Three – making progress

The weather gods continue to smile on us!  Friday was a glorious day; incidentally, it was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day“.  Tovah kindly dressed up like a pirate to score us a free box of donuts.  Thanks Krispy Kreme! We made good progress, completing 12 STPs during class.  If we can do the same this … Continue reading Week Three – making progress

Week Two – How to dig a hole

Whispering Woods Phase II began in earnest last Friday, Sept 12th.  The students all managed to find our site and drive down a dirt track in cars that were never designed to leave asphalt.  Our class started with “How to Dig a Shovel Test Pit (STP)”.  This gave the students a chance to use the … Continue reading Week Two – How to dig a hole

Hot, hot, HOT!

This past Saturday (Sept 6th), Alex, Ani, Tovah, and I went out to the site to start mapping.  Joining us was student Sam and her husband Steve.  Don’t let the picture fool you – despite the scenic beauty of nature, it was absolutely roasting.  90+ degrees meant that we were struggling to stay coherent as … Continue reading Hot, hot, HOT!

Week One – See You In the Field!

Today at 9am, myself, Alex, Tovah, & Ani waited in BSB 334 for our students to arrive.  Eventually all eight rolled in, some looking more enthusiastic than others.  Today was the first day of the Whispering Woods Phase II project, aka. 50:070:386 “Doing Archaeology in South Jersey”.  Today students got a crash course in CRM … Continue reading Week One – See You In the Field!