Week 14 – Last class of 2014!

December 5th was our last class for the 2014 season.  Our aim was for students to look up some of our artifacts (creamware, the musket ball, the hand-wrought nail, etc) from Site 7 to find possible dates and other useful information.  We also turned it into a little bit of a party, with a roaring … Read more of Week 14 – Last class of 2014!

Week Ten – Public Archaeology

This week at Whispering Woods was our big event – Open Archaeology Day!  Friday’s class was a run-through with the Salem County 4-H club coming for a visit at 10am.  We were expecting around 15 children, mostly K-3rd grade, to spend about an hour digging. When we arrived on Friday it was WET!  Rains from … Read more of Week Ten – Public Archaeology

Week Nine – Halloween Fun!

We celebrated Halloween in style this week at Whispering Woods!  Students were bribed with extra credit if they came in costume. On a more serious note, we made a significant find this week: we found one of the old Phase I shovel tests!  This is a great result because it means that our site plan … Read more of Week Nine – Halloween Fun!

Week Seven – ‘Tis but a rock

If you are wondering about this week’s post title, thank Arthur Murphy, who has made this his catch phrase to what we usually find in our screens.  “We need to revive the contraction ’tis!” he says. This week was fairly action-packed.  Upon arrival, we immediately noticed a new addition to our site – a deer … Read more of Week Seven – ‘Tis but a rock