Week Seven – ‘Tis but a rock

If you are wondering about this week’s post title, thank Arthur Murphy, who has made this his catch phrase to what we usually find in our screens.  “We need to revive the contraction ’tis!” he says. This week was fairly action-packed.  Upon arrival, we immediately noticed a new addition to our site – a deer … Continue reading Week Seven – ‘Tis but a rock

WANTED: Rutgers–Camden students

Whispering Woods RU Digging Site

WANTED: Rutgers–Camden students for new archaeology course, Fridays 9am-12noon.  ***Excavate a Real Archaeological Site – Special Topics in Anthropology – Doing Archaeology in South Jersey*** This Fall Rutgers-Camden students have the opportunity to take part in a real archaeological excavation as part of a special topics course in the department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal … Continue reading WANTED: Rutgers–Camden students